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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
New Cross Area Parking Scheme - Traffic Regulation Orders ref: 77620/07/201720/07/2017Not for call-in
Outcome of informal consultation on the proposed merger of Springdale Infant School with Springdale Junior School ref: 77819/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Transportation Network – Miscellaneous Traffic Regulation Orders July 2017 ref: 77420/07/201720/07/2017Not for call-in
Maintenance, Installation and Supply of Traffic Signals - Contract Award ref: 77720/07/201720/07/2017Not for call-in
Transportation Network - Dudding Road and Wolverhampton Road East Road Safety Scheme ref: 77520/07/201720/07/2017Not for call-in
Review of current Gating Orders prior to transition to Public Spaces Protection Orders ref: 76119/07/201726/07/20170
Confirmation of Small Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Article 4 Direction ref: 76419/07/201726/07/20170
Housing Services Review ref: 77219/07/201726/07/20170
Youth Justice Plan 2017/18 ref: 75619/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
To provide a progress report on the work of the Principal Social Worker and outline priority areas of work to be undertaken 2017 /2018 ref: 76919/07/201726/07/20170
Wolverhampton Ethical Care Charter ref: 76619/07/201726/07/20170
EU Funded Projects - Payment of Grants to Delivery Partners ref: 75519/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Provision of support to partner to secure grant funding ref: 77019/07/201726/07/20170
Exclusion of press and public ref: 77319/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Bilston Corridor AAP – site delivery ref: 77119/07/201726/07/20170
Proposed Public Spaces Protection Order – Dog Control ref: 76219/07/201726/07/20170
Change of Criteria to Affordable Warmth Grant Assistance ref: 76319/07/201726/07/20170
Transforming Libraries Strategy 2017 – 2027 ref: 76019/07/201726/07/20170
Treasury Management - Annual Report 2016-2017 and Activity Monitoring Quarter One 2017-2018 ref: 75419/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
2018/19 Draft Budget Strategy and MTFS ref: 75719/07/201726/07/20170
Revenue Budget Outturn 2016-2017 ref: 75919/07/201726/07/20170
Reserves, Provisions and Balances 2016-2017 ref: 75819/07/201726/07/20170
Approval to Consult on Review of Non-residential Contributions to Adult Social Care ref: 76719/07/201726/07/20170
Looked After Children Sufficiency Strategy 2017-20 ref: 76519/07/201726/07/20170
Creation of a Regional Adoption Agency - Adoption@Heart ref: 76819/07/201726/07/20170
Fire Safety Management; High Rise Tower Blocks ref: 75119/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Motion on Notice ref: 75319/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Community Governance Review ref: 74919/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) Review and Annual Plan ref: 75219/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Capital Budget Outturn 2016/17 including Quarter 1 Monitoring 2017/18 ref: 74719/07/201719/07/2017Not for call-in
Variation to original terms of conversion for North East Wolverhampton Academy ref: 74518/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Black Country Transformational GOLD payment of grants to small and medium enterprises ref: 72423/06/201723/06/2017Not for call-in
Land and Property Transactions ref: 72220/06/201720/06/2017Not for call-in
Variation to the terms of conversion for South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy ref: 72122/06/201722/06/2017Not for call-in
Disposal of the former Heath Town Baths ref: 71819/06/201719/06/2017Not for call-in
Grant easement to the Electricity Network Company at Carder Crescent. Bilston ref: 71719/06/201719/06/2017Not for call-in
Award of contract for the demolition of 1-5 Bell Street, Wolverhampton ref: 72329/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
Highway Maintenance Programme 2017/18 ref: 71416/06/201716/06/2017Not for call-in
i54 Western Extension - Consultant Team Appointment ref: 71321/06/201721/06/2017Not for call-in
Bilston Library and Gallery - Feasibility Study ref: 71210/07/201710/07/2017Not for call-in