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Vibrant, Safe and Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Panel - Thursday, 20th November, 2014 6.00 pm

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Minutes of the previous meeting (02.10.2014) pdf icon PDF 95 KB




That the minutes of the meeting 2 October 2014 were agreed subject to the minute relating to the Community Trigger being amended to show that Cllr Richard Whitehouse questioned the value of review if the community trigger is not backed up with legislation.


Budget Review - 2015/16 Budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2015/16 - 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 79 KB

[To seek the panel’s feedback on the draft five year budget and medium term financial strategy that was approved as the basis of consultation by the Cabinet on 22 October 2014, in particular the elements that relate to the work of this panel]


The Chair, Cllr Stephen Simkins clarified the order the budget savings proposals would be considered and welcomed the Cabinet Members and lead officers.  He invited Cllr Peter Bilson and Nick Edwards to the table to provide a brief summary of the ‘Economic Regeneration and Prosperity’ savings proposals. The comments of the panel were recorded. The Chair thanked Cllr Bilson and officers for their attendance.


The Chair invited Cllr Elias Mattu to the table to consider the removal of subsidy for Blakenhall Community & Healthy Living Centre (Community) savings proposal. The comments of the panel were recorded and a report was requested to a future meeting of this panel.


Keren Jones was invited to join Cllr Elias Mattu to consider ‘Education and Enterprise’ savings proposals.

Cllr Andrew Wynne asked for a report relating to the reconfiguration of internally delivered Cultural Services to a future meeting.

The comments from discussion of the items were recorded and the Chair thanked the Cabinet Member and officer for their contribution to the debate.


The Chair invited Cllr John Reynolds and Chris Huddart to the table to consider the savings proposals from the Delivery Directorate.  The comments of the panel were recorded. The Chair thanked them for their attendance.



The Chair invited Cllr Elias Mattu and Keren Jones back to the table to consider Item 5 on the agenda as part of the budget savings proposals for Education and Enterprise.  Cllr Stephen Simkins requested a report back to panel on the focus group relating to the neighbourhood wardens service, the outcomes which would also be fed into the budget consultation process.  Councillor Andrew Wynne requested that the conservative group opposition to the savings proposal was recorded on the same grounds as opposition at the recent Council meeting, that the social effects of not having wardens would cost more in the longer term and was not in effect a saving at all.


The comments of the panel were recorded.




            That the table of comments be referred to Scrutiny Board for consideration:



Savings Proposals


Description of Saving



Leisure and Communities



Removal of subsidy for Blakenhall Community & Healthy Living Centre


The availability of the Equality Analysis (EA) relating to this savings proposal was not available.  The Cabinet Member gave assurance that the EA and impact on service users will be considered before a decision is made.

The Cabinet Member expressed a will to retain a service in some form but would not be able to say what until the feedback from community consultation had been taken fully into account


There was a suggestion from the Chair that there could be opportunity to explore work with Health and links to healthy living.


Further report to be considered by Vibrant Safe and Sustainable Communities Panel (VSSC) in relation to Blakenhall community and healthy living centre.


Agreed to note the proposal

Deletion of Neighbourhood Wardens Service

Education & Enterprise

The funding streams for Neighbourhood Wardens are no longer available. £480,000 per annum is required to deliver the service.

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Savings Proposal URN 0360 - Deletion of Neighbourhood Wardens Service pdf icon PDF 135 KB

[To provide details of the Neighbourhood Warden savings proposal for further discussion]


Item 5 was considered during consideration of item 4 on this agenda.