Agenda item

20/01346/FUL and 20/01324/LBC - "Canalside", Land at Union Mill Street, Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton

[To consider the planning application]


The Committee considered a report regarding 20/01346/FUL and 20/01324/LBC - Comprehensive redevelopment of the Union Mill and Lower Horseley Fields site, including demolition and works in a conservation area, for the change of use and provision of residential dwellings, and non-residential floor space at 16 / 16a Union Mill Street, car parking, landscaping and other associated works.


Phillip Walker, Senior Planning Officer, reported the following updates since the agenda had been published:


  1. Further assessment of the site had found that it would not be appropriate to build a children’s’ play area in the open space at Hay Basin / Victoria Basin, so therefore the condition at paragraph 11.1 of the report had been amended as follows:


£200,000 Public Open Space Contribution to be spent on improvement, provision and maintenance of canal access at Lower Horseley Fields off A454, and East Park.



  1. An amended site plan and landscape plan had been received and although they appeared to enhance the scheme, the Council’s Landscape Architect Team would need to be consulted and given time to consider the amendments. It was therefore requested that this be allowed for as part of the recommended delegated decision.


Mr Max King addressed the Committee and spoke in support of the application.


Members of the Committee welcomed the development and fully supported the application.


Councillor Page commended the scheme and requested that some of the s106 public open space contribution be spent on refurbishing thewater feature in East Park. The Planning Officer agreed to look into this.


Councillor Inston moved the recommendations and Councillor Thompson seconded the recommendations.



Delegated authority to the Director of Regeneration to grant planning application 20/01346/FUL subject to:


  1. Completion of a Section 106 Agreement to include:

For the whole development:

·       Highway works, including £6,000 for traffic regulation orders


  1. No objections raised by the Council’s Landscape Architect Team in respect of the amended site and landscape plan.


If viable:

·       25% affordable housing

·       £200,000 Public Open Space Contribution to be spent on improvement, provision and maintenance of Lower Horseley Fields canal access and open space at East Park



If not viable:

A reduction in affordable housing and public open space contribution, commensurate with the lack of viability with the reduction applying on a pro-rata basis to all dwellings ready for occupation within three years of the date that a lack of financial viability is demonstrated and the full requirement applying on a pro-rata basis to all those that are not ready for occupation at that time.


  1. Receipt of an acceptable ecology report;


  1. No overriding objections from outstanding consultees;


  1. Receipt of acceptable amended drainage proposals;


  1. Any necessary conditions to include:

·       Phasing / Construction Phasing Plan

·       Boundary treatments, including retaining walls

·       External materials including hard surfacing materials

·       Provision of a right-hand turn lane from A454 Horseley Fields, the details of which are first to be agreed with the local planning authority and the approved scheme provided in advance of the occupation of 215th dwelling (to include dwellings off Union Mill Street) at the site

·       Contaminated land remediation

·       Drainage

·       Demolition and Construction Method Statement (to include hours of demolition and construction)

·       Environmental Management Plan

·       Levels

·       Car park and car sharing club management plan

·       Landscaping

·       External Materials

·       Large scale architectural details

·       Sample panels of the external materials

·       Cycle parking and pedestrian routes, including a management plan for the use and opening and closing of any access gates within the site and at key entrance points

·       Cycle storage

·       Bin stores and waste management plan

·       Plant and machinery details

·       Electric vehicle charging points

·       External lighting

·       Provision and retention of car parking

·       Travel Plan

·       Implementation in accordance with noise report: Acoustic glazing and ventilation. Internal noise monitoring to take place prior to occupation of any dwelling.

·       10% Renewable Energy

·       Noise insulation for all plant and heating equipment

·       Hours of construction and demolition

·       Targeted recruitment and training

·       Management company for external communal areas

·       Implementation of landscaping

·       Implement in accordance with ecology recommendations

·       Provision of signage to and on the towpath

·       Surveys and assessments for the canal wash wall

·       Remove permitted development rights for the installation of windows in the rear (west facing) elevations of the three proposed houses (labelled “new build one”)




That planning permission 20/01324/LBC be granted subject to any necessary conditions including external materials and large-scale architectural details.


Supporting documents: