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Committee details

Schools' Forum

Purpose of committee

The Schools' Forum is a partnership body linking the Local Authority and the school community in making decisions about school funding and roles and responsibilities. It comprises stakeholders of the school community, including head teachers and governors or their nominated representatives.

Schools Forums were established by the Education Act 2002, as a statutory consultative body to support local authorities on matters relating to school budgets. The Schools' Forum plays a critical role in representing the views of all the schools, providers of 16 - 19 and early education within the area.

The Schools’ Forum Constitution can be found here: http://www.wolverhampton.gov.uk/article/2734/Schools-Forum

The current Wolverhampton Scheme for Financing Schools can be found here: http://www.wolverhampton.gov.uk/article/2603/The-Wolverhampton-Scheme-for-Financing-Schools





  • Daryl Asbury    Academies Sector Representative
  • Kirsty Banks  (Substitute External Member)  Academies Sector Substitute
  • Barry Bond  (Chair)  Special School Sector, governor Representative
  • Rachael Brown    Pupil Referral Unit Headteacher Representative
  • Ian Browne    16 - 19 Education Representative
  • Linda Campbell  (Substitute External Member) 
  • Amarjit Cheema  (Substitute External Member)  Academies Sector Substitute
  • Debbie Clarke    Early Years (PVI Sector) Representative
  • David Cooke  (Substitute External Member) 
  • Louisa Craig    Academies Sector Representative
  • Ben Davis    Academies Sector Representative
  • Jon Dovey    Primary Sector Governor Representative
  • Gary Gentle  (Substitute External Member) 
  • Fiona Gillespie  (Substitute External Member) 
  • Trisha James  (Substitute External Member) 
  • Susan Lacey    Nursery Sector Headteacher Representative
  • James Ludlow    Secondary Sector Headteacher Representative
  • Carroll McNally    Diocesan Schools Representative
  • Ian Moore    Academies Sector Representative
  • Jeremy Parkes    Academies Sector Representative
  • Karen Preston  (Vice-Chair)  Academies Sector Representative
  • Bhaksho Raj    Academies Sector Representative
  • Zoe Rollinson    Primary Sector Representative
  • Stephen Smith    Primary Sector Governor Representative
  • Graham Tate    Academies Sector Representative
  • Lisa Thompson    Primary Sector Headteacher Representative
  • Lucia Jayne Turner    Nursery Sector Governor Representative
  • Samantha Walker    Primary Sector Headteacher Representative
  • Lisa-Anne Westwood    Academies Sector Representative
  • Sarah Whittington    Special School Headteacher Representative
  • Phil Williams    Academies Sector Representative

Contact information

Support officer: Shelley Humphries. 01902 554070 Email: shelley.humphries@wolverhampton.gov.uk


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