Transforming Public Health Services

Purpose of the consultation

Public Health Department, has produced this consultation document to seek people’s opinion on how we can work differently together. With reduced funding both nationally and locally, we need to consider how we can have a greater impact on the residents of Wolverhampton on several key issues.


We would like to seek your views on how people access information, advice and support about the following:


•Breastfeeding Support

•Smoking Cessation (Quitting)

•Child Weight Management Support

•Emotional Health and Wellbeing for Young People (Community and  


•Healthcare-acquired Infection Prevention


So, if you are interested, have previous experience of these types of services, or are affected (e.g. you may have family or friends who smoke) please read our information document and complete this survey by clicking on the link below. All those who complete the survey will have a chance to win a £50 shopping voucher.


Your views are really important to us in how we design and deliver services in the future.


Supporting documents