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Issue - decisions

Gender Pay Gap 2019

23/01/2020 - Gender Pay Gap 2019 and Gender Profiling

1.     That the contents of the report on the Gender Pay Gap for 31 March 2019 be noted.


2.     That it be noted that the median Gender Pay Gap for 31 March 2019 is 0.23% and the mean is 4.54%.


3.     That it be noted how this compares with previous snapshot data on 31 March 2018 where the median gender pay gap was 0.00% and the mean was 7.14%.


4.     That the gender split in service areas as at 9 April 2019 and the division of labour in the service areas be noted. 


5.     That it be noted that the Gender Pay Gap data would be published on the Gender Pay Gap reporting site on the GOV.UK website, together with the Gender Pay Gap report, as required by legislation and would also be published on the Council website.


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