Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Redevelopment of Former Old Fallings Adventure Playground12/10/2020For Determination13/01/2021
Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2021-2022 including Rents and Service Charges12/10/2020For Determination13/01/2021
Determined Admission Arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools 2022-202312/10/2020For Determination17/02/2021
Future High Streets Fund - bid update12/10/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Principal Social Work Annual Report12/10/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Leasing of Land at Well Lane - Memorial Statue12/10/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Wolverhampton Strategy for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 202012/10/2020For Determination09/12/2020
26 May 2021 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods, and Services12/10/2020For Determination26/05/2021
21 April 2021 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods, and Services12/10/2020For Determination21/04/2021
17 March 2021 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods, and Services12/10/2020For Determination17/03/2021
17 February 2021 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods, and Services12/10/2020For Determination17/02/2021
13 January 2021 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods, and Services12/10/2020For Determination13/01/2021
9 December 2020 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods and Services12/10/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Council Tax Support Scheme12/10/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Community Discharge Grant12/10/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Business Rates Discretionary Reliefs12/10/2020For Determination17/02/2021
Fees and Charges Review 2021-202212/10/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Outcome of the Procurement Process to Appoint an External Operator for the Civic Halls12/10/2020For Determination17/02/2021
The Vision for School Organisation in Wolverhampton 2020-2022; Wolverhampton Education Place Planning12/10/2020For Determination13/01/2021
Land at Tremont Street12/10/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Wolverhampton Safeguarding Together Annual Report12/10/2020For Determination09/12/2020
11 November 2020 Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods and Services12/10/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Adult Education Services Contract Review12/10/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Hampton View, Heath Town - Lease Review07/09/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Revenue Budget Monitoring Quarter Two 2020-202107/09/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Draft Budget and the Medium Term Financial Strategy for the period of 2021-2022 to 2023-202407/09/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Treasury Management Activity Monitoring - Mid Year Review 2020-202107/09/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Capital Programme 2020-2021 to 2024-2025 Quarter Two Review07/09/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Treasury Management Transaction07/09/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Conservation Area Appraisal Consultation07/09/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Art Gallery Improvement Scheme Works07/09/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Three Passivhaus Sites for HRA07/09/2020For Determination13/01/2021
Better Homes for All; New Build Affordable Housing Financial Policy07/09/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Housing Allocations Policy Implementation11/08/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Funding Mechanisms for School Expansion Schemes’11/08/2020For Determination11/11/2020
City East Gateway A454 - Willenhall Road Progress Report30/06/2020For Determination17/02/2021
New Park Village Redevelopment Programme - Progress report19/05/2020For Determination13/01/2021
Revision to Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy20/02/2020For Determination09/12/2020
City East Gateway A454 phase 1 and 2 Compulsory Purchase Powers20/02/2020For Determination17/02/2021
Black Country Transport Team23/12/2019For Determination09/12/2020
Black Country Plan Draft for Consultation13/12/2018For Determination26/05/2021
Consultation on Draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document04/09/2018For Determination26/05/2021
Community Asset Transfer: Policy and Strategy Review09/05/2018For Determination11/11/2020