Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Council Plan 2019 - 2024 Update20/02/2020For Determination18/03/2020
Revision to Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy20/02/2020For Determination22/04/2020
Schools Capital Programme 2020-202120/02/2020For Determination26/05/2020
City East Gateway A454 phase 1 and 2 Compulsory Purchase Powers20/02/2020For Determination26/05/2020
Police and Crime Commissioner Grant Allocation 2020-202120/02/2020For Determination31/03/2020
Information Governance Quarter Three Performance Update Report20/02/2020For Determination23/03/2020
Westside Link Phase 1 (Victoria Street) and Phase 3 (Civic halls) Progress and Approvals for Project Delivery20/02/2020For Determination26/05/2020
Managing Agents Acquisition Policy04/02/2020For Determination26/05/2020
Senior Pay Policy 2020/202104/02/2020Recommmend Forward to Council18/03/2020
Housing Managing Agents Performance Monitoring Report - Quarter Three October to December 201904/02/2020For Determination23/03/2020
Developing a Place-based approach04/02/2020For Determination22/04/2020
Ward Funds Evaluation04/02/2020For Determination22/04/2020
WV Living Business Plan22/01/2020For Determination22/04/2020
Digital Infrastructure: supporting the rollout of 5G22/01/2020For Determination31/03/2020
Transportation Capital Programme 2020-2021 and Future Years07/01/2020For Determination22/04/2020
Black Country Collaboration Agreement23/12/2019For Determination22/04/2020
External Funding Update Quarter 4 2019/2017/12/2019For Determination26/05/2020
Land and Property Disposals Strategy17/12/2019For Determination22/04/2020
Wolverhampton Homes Business Plan 2020 - 202105/11/2019Recommmend Forward to Council18/03/2020
Community Safety and Harm Reduction Strategy 2020-202304/11/2019For Determination22/04/2020 Change Date
Private Homes Strategy 2020 - 202404/11/2019For Determination22/04/2020
Strategic Asset Plan - Action Plan Update04/11/2019For Determination26/05/2020
Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan07/10/2019Recommmend Forward to Council18/03/2020
Bell Street Development Plot07/10/2019For Determination26/05/2020
Interchange - land transactions18/09/2019For Determination26/05/2020
31 March 2020 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods and Services02/09/2019For Determination31/03/2020
City East Gateway - A454 Willenhall Road Phase 1 and 2 Progress Report14/08/2019For Determination26/05/2020
Wolverhampton Safeguarding Boards Annual Report06/08/2019For Determination08/07/2020
Disposal of land at Langley Road, Whitburn Close, Vicarage Road and Warstones Drive06/08/2019For Determination03/03/2020
Tenant Management Organisation Policy12/06/2019For Determination18/03/2020
Former Sainsbury's St George's site04/02/2019For Determination26/05/2020
The Future of the Council School's Catering Service04/02/2019For Determination22/04/2020
Black Country Plan Draft for Consultation13/12/2018For Determination22/04/2020
Consultation on Draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document04/09/2018For Determination22/04/2020
Community Asset Transfer: Policy and Strategy Review09/05/2018For Determination22/04/2020
Travel and Subsidy Policy28/03/2018For Determination22/04/2020
Working Hours Policy28/03/2018For Determination22/04/2020
Smart Working Policy28/03/2018For Determination22/04/2020