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Grapes Pool; "Moseley Road Open Green Space".

We, the undersigned, petition the council to retain the green space described as Moseley Road Open Green Space, also known locally as “Grapes Pool Fields”, at the junction of Moseley Road and Prouds lane in the ward of Bilston North. Our petition is to request that this land, is retained as green open space and is not disposed of, developed or built upon for housing or anything else. We request the Council protect this land from housing or any other development. We object in the strongest possible terms. We request the Council to protect the space from any form of building or installation in order that residents can continue their enjoyment and use of these fields and open space.

As residents of Bilston and Wolverhampton we believe our lives will be made worse by any development on this green open space, as not all residents of our ward live in homes with gardens. This is an important local resource as the space is used for exercising, and dog walking, and its used as recreationally for walking and picnicking.

At Prouds Lane there are several marionette's and flats without gardens. Residents rely upon this green space as their garden. Taking it away will fundamentally interrupt quiet enjoyment by the community, it will increase congestion, noise and fumes and add to parking problems creating more traffic at this busy junction.

Instead of placing more homes, we would like to see more trees and park facilities.

Started by: Paul Birch (Councillor Olivia Birch)

This ePetition ran from 03/09/2021 to 19/11/2021 and has now finished.

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