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Dog Cafe In Wolverhampton

We, the undersigned, petition the council to Support the business idea of opening a dog café in Wolverhampton city centre and help with the funding of this idea.

We are asking the council for the funding of the dod cafe for the following reasons:
1. Dog owners and dog lovers do not have a café in or around the Wolverhampton area where they can spend time as a collective together with their pets (dogs), they have to travel to other cities, mostly London to attend the events for dogs in dedicated spaces/venues
2. Dog owners of Wolverhampton do not feel safe taking their dogs for a walk due to the recent increase in dog-on-dog attacks and their beloved dogs getting stolen. This business idea is to provide a safe space for dog owners to enjoy some out-of-home time and socialize with others as well as for dogs to socialize with other dogs and play in a safe designated area
3. Not all dog lovers in Wolverhampton City have a chance to have a dog as a pet because some are not allowed to keep pets in their rental living space, some cannot keep a dog due to health conditions, working schedules or family matters, etc. Therefore, dog lovers would enjoy visiting dog café as well.
4. This business opportunity is a great outing for the community as well as a chance for this type of business to support and promote the local rescue centres, adoption and educate the community about the importance of general dog health, spaying, neutering, etc.

Started by: Perita Roumeliotis-Innis

This ePetition runs from 08/01/2022 to 31/03/2022.

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