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Stockwell Road car park

We, the undersigned, petition the council to Ensure the car park which is located on Stockwell Road Tettenhall is locked and secured as from a reasonable time per evening until a reasonable time the following morning.

Residents of Tettenhall, specifically local streets to the Stockwell Road car park are becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that the car park remains open and unlocked at all hours of a 24 hour period. This car park is frequently used by youths to commit antisocial behaviour, examples being; playing loud music in vehicles, wheel spinning in vehicles motorcycles, smoking cannabis which spreads to local residents houses and gardens and setting fires.
Residents are propsing that the council assist more in the above and secure the car park from 20:00.
Police and Fire Services are frequently being called to this area which is putting added strain onto an already strained service and by introducing a simple solution such as this, the above issues would dramtically decrease.
Crime within the local area and antisocial behaviour both increase during the spring and summer months.

Started by: Andy Jamieson (West Midlands Fire Service)

This ePetition ran from 30/03/2019 to 10/05/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Thank you for providing the petition and drawing our attention to your concerns about anti-social behaviour in the Car Park located in Stockwell Road.

As you may be aware we have a cctv camera located in the car park. This is not monitored 24 hours but officers have reviewed the evening and night time footage over the course of a week. This has shown some sporadic unwelcome behaviour during the late evening/early hours such as erratic driving and congregations of youths.

I have made enquiries about the potential for a gate to be provided and locked each night at 20.00 hours. Unfortunately the City of Wolverhampton Council do not have any resources available to physically attend each evening and morning.

Given the nature of the concerns raised we are keen to try and assist and so will continue with our enquiries to explore any available options.

Sorry that I cannot offer a more comprehensive response at this stage but confirm that we will update you further with any significant progress.


John Roseblade
Head of City Transport
Tel. Office: 01902 555755

E-mail: John.Roseblade@wolverhampton.gov.uk
City of Wolverhampton Council