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Licensing Act 2003 - Application for a premises licence in respect of North Sun, 22 Worcester Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 4LD


An application for a Premises Licence in respect of North Sun, 22 Worcester Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 4LD was considered following representations received from the Licensing Authority.


The Chair led round-table introductions and outlined the procedure to be followed. All parties confirmed that they understood the procedure.


Elizabeth Gregg, Senior Licensing and Compliance Officer, provided an outline of the application. Ms Ausra Olubiene, Applicant, confirmed that the summary provided was accurate.


The Chair invited the Applicant to present the application.


Ms Ausra Olubiene did so as per Appendix 1 of the report. She explained that the business had been operating successfully as a banqueting suite for the past few years and she now wanted to expand the business further.


The Chair afforded all parties present the opportunity to question Ms Olubiene in relation to her submission.


Ms Olubiene responded to questions asked.


The Chair invited the Licensing Authority to make representations. Mrs Elaine Moreton, Section Leader Licensing, did so as per Appendix 3 of the report. She stated that prior to the Hearing, she and the Applicant had mediated, and the Applicant had agreed for additional conditions to be added to the licence. Mrs Moreton confirmed that if these conditions were added to the licence she no longer had any concerns.


A copy of the agreed conditions was tabled by the Democratic Services Officer.


The Chair afforded all parties present the opportunity to question the Licensing Authority in relation to its submission. Elaine Moreton responded to questions asked.


The Chair invited all parties present to make their final address.


Ms Olubiene and Mrs Moreton made a final statement.


All interested parties, with the exception of the Solicitor and the Democratic Services Officer, withdrew from the meeting to enable the Sub-Committee to determine the matter.


All interested parties were invited back to the meeting and the Chair advised them of the decision of the Sub-Committee, which was read out by the Solicitor.




The Statutory Licensing Sub-Committee had taken note of all written concerns raised in respect of the application for a premises licence for North Sun, 22 Worcester Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 4LD. They had listened to the arguments of those who had spoken at the hearing, both for and against the application.

The Sub-Committee had considered the written and spoken representations from the Applicant and the Licensing Authority as Responsible Authority.

The Sub-Committee had heard from the Applicant within their submissions that they had mediated with the Responsible Authorities and agreed for further conditions to be included on the licence.

In considering all of the submissions and all of the circumstances of the application, the legislation and relevant guidance, the Licensing Sub-Committee’s decision was to grant a licence pursuant to the application as applied for, subject to the below amendments as conditions:

  1. A digital CCTV system with recording equipment is installed and maintained at the premises;
  2. CCTV will cover entry/exist points of the premises, all areas where alcohol is served, and money is taken together with all areas where public have access;
  3. Images/recordings to be downloaded in a suitable format and provided to any member of a Responsible Authority upon request without any due delay;
  4. Images and recordings must be of evidential quality, must indicate the correct time and date and be kept for at least 31 days;
  5. All managerial staff to be trained to use the CCTV system and at least one member of staff be on duty who is trained to download systems images should any member of a Responsible Authority make a request;
  6. During hours of operation Thursday to Saturday, SIA accredited door supervisors will be employed at a ratio of 1:50 for events taking place after 22:30 hours until all patrons have dispersed from the venue;
  7. Drinks, glassware or bottles will not be permitted to be removed from the premises;
  8. An incident log must be maintained at the premises and a written record of any incident that occurs at the premises must be appropriately recorded. Where it is deemed appropriate the incident must be immediately reported to West Midlands Police.
  9. A paginated incident log book to be produced to a member of a Responsible Authority upon request;
  10. To ensure compliance with challenge 25, a paginated “refusals book” where any sale of alcohol is refused to persons who present themselves as underage;
  11. All staff will be trained in Challenge 25; all appropriate ID checks will be undertaken by all staff to ensure no sale of alcohol is made to underage persons;
  12. All staff to receive training and refresher training every 6 months on their responsibilities with regard to licensing legislation. Training to be documented and shown to members of a Responsible Authority upon request;
  13. Acceptable ID will be a valid passport, photo card driving licence, Military ID or recognised proof of age card;
  14. No customers under 18 to be present on the premises after 01:30 hours Thursday to Saturday;
  15. The supply of alcohol on Thursday to Saturday shall only take place between the hours of 11:00 and 03:00 hours;
  16. Staff will monitor noise levels next to the nearest residential properties at least twice throughout each event held after 11pm. These checks will be made at 11pm and 2am. The noise levels will be reduced if heard during these checks at residential properties;
  17. All windows and doors will be kept closed during times of regulated entertainment except for ingress or egress;
  18. After all events any rubbish will be placed in the commercial paid waste bins;
  19. There will be a dedicated bin outside the premises for litter and cigarette butts to be disposed of by guests;
  20. Staff will carry out litter picks outside the premises on a daily basis.

It was considered by the Sub-Committee that the aforementioned conditions should be attached in support of the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, prevention of public nuisance and protection of children from harm Licensing Objectives.

Finally, such conditions as are specified on/or are consistent with the Operating Schedule will be attached to the Licence, together with any mandatory conditions as required by the Licensing Act.

All parties have a right of appeal to the Magistrates Court within 21 days of receipt of this decision.

A copy of the written decision will be forwarded to all parties.


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