Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Relighting Our City Recovery Commitment Refresh15/02/2021For Determination17/03/2021
Continuing to support the most vulnerable families in our city15/02/2021For Determination17/03/2021
Wolverhampton’s Youth Justice Plan 2021-202215/02/2021For Determination26/05/2021
The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT) Partnership15/02/2021For Determination21/04/2021
Acquisition of Privately Owned Empty by Agreement or Compulsory Purchase: 4 Moathouse Lane East, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, WV11 3BN15/02/2021For Determination17/03/2021
#YES (Youth Engagement Strategy) Annual Report15/02/2021For Determination17/03/2021
Temporary Accommodation Action Plan15/02/2021For Determination17/03/2021
Wolverhampton Tenancy Strategy & Tenancy Policy18/01/2021For Determination21/04/2021
Community Asset Transfer - Burdett House18/01/2021For Determination21/04/2021
Land and Property Transactions - Beckminster House18/01/2021For Determination21/04/2021
Wolverhampton Youth Hub18/01/2021For Determination17/03/2021
Wolverhampton Homes Delivery Plan 2021-202214/12/2020For Determination17/03/2021
Adult Education Service Contract Review14/12/2020For Determination17/03/2021
Revenue Budget Monitoring Quarter Three 2020-202114/12/2020For Determination17/03/2021
Community Asset Transfer - Low Hill Youth Resource Centre14/12/2020For Determination21/04/2021
Black Country Tenancy Strategy14/12/2020For Determination17/03/2021
Leisure Private Finance Initiative Review14/12/2020For Determination21/04/2021
Treasury Management Activity Monitoring Quarter Three 2020-202109/11/2020For Determination17/03/2021
Transportation Capital Programme 2021 to 202209/11/2020For Determination17/03/2021
Approval to Cease Tenancies and Demolish Two Properties on Old Fallings Crescent to Enable Future Development12/10/2020For Determination
26 May 2021 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods, and Services12/10/2020For Determination26/05/2021
21 April 2021 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods, and Services12/10/2020For Determination21/04/2021
17 March 2021 - Procurement - Award of Contracts for Works, Goods, and Services12/10/2020For Determination17/03/2021
Hampton View, Heath Town - Lease Review07/09/2020For Determination26/05/2021
Three Sites for HRA Development (Showell Circus, Villiers Avenue, Ettingshall Road)07/09/2020For Determination21/04/2021
City East Gateway A454 - Willenhall Road Progress Report30/06/2020For Determination26/05/2021
City East Gateway A454 phase 1 and 2 Compulsory Purchase Powers20/02/2020For Determination26/05/2021
Black Country Transport Team23/12/2019For Determination17/03/2021
Black Country Plan Draft for Consultation13/12/2018For Determination26/05/2021
Consultation on Draft Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document04/09/2018For Determination26/05/2021