Locations of West Midlands Bikeshare docks

Purpose of the consultation

West Midlands Bike Share

You will soon be able to hire more bikes across the West Midlands from as little as 50p. Simply, hire it, ride it and return it to any official docking station.

Our West Midlands bike share scheme is operated by nextbike (UK) (LTD) who have several other schemes in the UK and internationally. As a nextbike customer you will be able to access nextbikes across the world.

The West Midlands bike share scheme will expand across Birmingham, Solihull, the Black Country and Coventry.



To find out more details on the proposed docking station locations in Wolverhampton You can view locations in Wolverhampton by clicking on the links below.


First Avenue 1
First Avenue 2
First Avenue pdf1
First Avenue pdf2

Darlington Street 1
Darlington Street 2
Darlington Street pdf1
Darlington Street pdf2

Stafford Road 1
Stafford Road 2
Stafford Road pdf1
Stafford Road pdf2

Dudley Road 1
Dudley Road 2
Dudley Road pdf1
Dudley Road pdf2

Bushbury Lane 1
Bushbury Lane 2
Bushbury Lane pdf1
Bushbury Lane pdf2

Stafford Road (2) 1
Stafford Road (2) 2
Stafford Road (2) pdf1
Stafford Road (2) pdf2

Albert Road 1
Albert Road 2
Albert Road pdf1
Albert Road pdf2

Bilston Road 1
Bilston Road 2
Bilston Road pdf1
Bilston Road pdf2

Blaydon Road 1
Blaydon Road 2
Blaydon Road pdf1
Blaydon Road pdf2

Bradmore Road - Bantock Park 1
Bradmore Road - Bantock Park 2
Bradmore Road - Bantock Park pdf1
Bradmore Road - Bantock Park pdf2

Coleman Street - Craddock St - Hordern Rd pdf1
Coleman Street - Craddock St - Hordern Rd pdf2
Coleman Street 1
Coleman Street 2

Gough Street - Horseley Fields 1
Gough Street - Horseley Fields 2
Gough Street - Horseley Fields pdf1
Gough Street - Horseley Fields pdf2

Greenfield Lane 1
Greenfield Lane 2
Greenfield Lane pdf1
Greenfield Lane pdf2

Hollington Road 1
Hollington Road 2
Hollington Road pdf1
Hollington Road pdf2

Loxdale Street pdf1
Loxdale Street pdf2
Loxdale Street 1
Loxdale Street 2

Manor Road - Parkfield Road 1
Manor Road - Parkfield Road 2
Manor Road - Parkfield Road pdf1
Manor Road - Parkfield Road pdf2

New Hampton Rd West - Tettenhall Station 1
New Hampton Rd West - Tettenhall Station 2
New Hampton Rd West - Tettenhall Station pdf1
New Hampton Rd West - Tettenhall Station pdf2

Rookery Road 1
Rookery Road 2
Rookery Road pdf1
Rookery Road pdf2

Showell Circus 1
Showell Circus 2
Showell Circus pdf1
Showell Circus pdf2

Stafford Road - Marsh Lane 1
Stafford Road - Marsh Lane 2
Stafford Road - Marsh Lane pdf1
Stafford Road - Marsh Lane pdf2

Wellington Road - The Crescent 1
Wellington Road - The Crescent 2
Wellington Road - The Crescent pdf1
Wellington Road - The Crescent pdf2

Woden Road 1
Woden Road 2
Woden Road pdf1
Woden Road pdf2



Bike Share FAQ

What is Bike share?

A bike share scheme enables residents and visitors to hire a cycle quickly and conveniently without the need to own a bike or maintain it. You can hire the bike for as little or as long as you need it, whether it is a ten minute commute to the office or leisurely afternoon canal ride. It is a cost effective way of travelling as you can ride from as little as 50p per 30 minutes.

How much?

nextbike provide flexible pricing according to your needs, whether you are a daily or monthly user.

Pay as you go:

·        You will be able to hire a cycle for as little as 50p per 30 minutes on pay as you go.

Annual subscription

·        If you are a regular user the annual pass includes the first 30 minutes of every journey as free. The annual pass is £30 per year.

How it works

You will need to register with the West Midlands official bike share provider nextbike. For more information, visit


Should you wish to comment on this consultation, please email


Supporting documents

Contact details

Should you wish to speak to someone regarding this consultation, please use the below contact details: