Executive post

Cabinet Member for Children and Young People


Policy Areas


·     Relight our City: Create more opportunities for young people

·     Relight our City: Support people who need us most

·     Children’s safeguarding incl. prevention of exploitation

·     Children in need and in need of protection 

·     Children and young people in care and care leavers

·     Corporate parenting

·     Early intervention, prevention and specialist services

·     Children’s Transformation work (incl. specific funded programmes)

·     Youth Offending

·     Children and young people partnership working

·     Children and young people’s health incl. disabilities and emotional health and wellbeing

·     Children’s Services commissioning

·     Children and Young People’s participation and engagement


Contact details


Councillor Beverley Momenabadi

Email: Beverley.Momenabadi@wolverhampton.gov.uk


Post is held by